Threads from the Web | 1 March 2013


Marilyn Monroe reading "How to Improve Your Thinking Ability"

How to dress like Ginger Rodgers.

Street -style photography from New York in the 40s.

Pretty floral dresses. You can never have too many.

Not enough people wear hats these days. Check out this beautiful collection of hats over at Advanced Style.

The Beauty Brains weigh the merits of liquid soap vs bar soap as a facial cleanser.

Guys! It’s a Rubik’s Cube made of cheese!

How to spruce up an old jumper or cardigan with embroidery.

Also in DIY; Spectators!

Fifty Shades of Brains sounds awesome;

It’s full of sex, zombies, and really annoying internal monologues. It pokes fun at Seattle, erotica, horror novels inexplicably filled with albinos, and people who spend too much time on their hair.

Adam Wallcavage’s octopus chandeliers are just killin’ me.

Spring is upon us! Here are two summer-y cocktails to get you in the mood; The Beachcomber and The Beachbum.

Woody Point

Five young women pose on the beach at Woody Point, Redcliffe, 1919

The best Soviet pop song you’ve probably never heard. It’s pretty catchy, actually.

Amazing! Women soldiers who dressed like men and fought in the U.S. civil war.

The emotional price of making video games;

It’s the pressure cooker of the last six months of a dev cycle. It’s the people that just go home and don’t give a shit. It’s running out of time, but wanting it to be the best thing ever. Finite time; finite people. Plus, [there's] the lack of sleep and not seeing your wife or your kids. You go through the summer working ridiculously hard and not getting any time off. In that kind of situation you’re not going to be with your kids. You don’t get that back.

Did you know that fake honey is a thing?

I love Fashion It So. Click on over for a cute video of Marina “Troy” Sirtis talking about Star Trek underwear.

What a clever idea! Print this out and stick it on the front of your fridge.

It seems like trash-talking Australia is a popular past-time over at the BBC. I don’t agree with everything Madeleine Morris says. Anyhow, limes have been ridiculously expensive for a loooong time now.

Sugar Skulls

 Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour

What it’s like to travel tourettes: Tics on a Plane.

Our rubbish made it to the unexplored depths of the ocean before we did.

The origin of the Pantone colour system;

“God created the world in seven days,” he says. “And on the eighth day, he called Pantone to put color into it.”

Author/Professor Daniel Gilbert says that child-free couples are generally more happy that those with children.

Eight reasons why you should consider living without a television.

You already have permission. Get out and do it!

Three videos about mail:

Shocking Blue :)

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