Threads from the Web | 18 January 2013

Happy Friday one and all!

Awkward Merit Badges


With great power comes great irresponsibility, says Seth Godin;

Organizations with reach and leverage ought to be taking more risks, doing more generous work and creating bolder art. That’s the most responsible thing they can do.

Over at io9 Elizabeth Preston writes enough already with the juice cleanses.

Things that lower abortion rates.

Composer Keeril Makan explores the relationship between his depression and his compositions in this amazing article, complete with links to recordings.

An open letter from the Westminster Library staff to their local councillors;

The solution to unemployment cannot be to fire people, and the solution to debt is not to cut income generating, job creating, and crime preventing services. Not only is it a statutory requirement to provide this service, it is our moral obligation to do so.

I am so very excited about the Pre-Fall 2013 collection from Alexander McQueen. Black and white with a hint of red. That brocade coat….those ruffled over-the-knee boots!

Earl Grey Knuckle Tattoos


Harriet of Bright Young Twins has First World Problems.

ReeRee gets a “mainstream makeover” so she can look normal for a night out.

Violet shows us how get that hair-bow look. This could be styled so many ways…

Over at Rookie there’s a whole lotta stars and cute paper moons.

Rosin is killin’ it in this outfit! Those polka dot stockings are too wonderful.

Marianne’s kitchen is lovely. Lots of inspiration to be had.

Just Marlene Dietrich looking smokin’ hot in a suit.

And speaking of Girls in Suits, check out Tomboy Tailors which will soon launch in San Francisco. From their website, the whole thing sounds incredibly awesome;

Our customers are butch/boi lesbians, trans-masculine individuals, and women of any identity who have a strong sense of self-expression and like to wear fine custom-made clothing.

Sisters! Question every aspect of our lives!

Good Spirit News reviews Cocoa Leaf Liqueur. I’d really like to try out a cocoa leaf margarita!

Edinburgh has been a bit cold this week. We even had snow! I really crack up reading about these weird and wonderful snow vehicles over at Dark Roasted Blend.

Some universities are installing vending machines for MacBooks. Make’s my university days look positively squalid.

Peter Acworth on why kink matters.

Upon hearing about the death of Aaron Swartz academics began to post copies of their works online for free using the #PDFTribute hashtag.

In slightly related news, mathematician Tim Growers has announced that he is helping to launch a series of free and open access journals;

The idea is that the parts of the publication process that academics do voluntarily — editing and refereeing — are just as they are for traditional journals, and we do without the parts that cost money, such as copy-editing and typesetting.

After nearly 130 years, Australian icon and folk hero Ned Kelly is finally buried in consecrated ground, according to his wishes.

Gorgeous works from artist Toby de Silva. The gem encrusted remains of Catholic saints.

Three ways to enjoy the most important meal of the day:

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

The Art of Breakfast: a film about Danny Gregory from DannyGregory on Vimeo.

Kinfolk: Breakfast for Two from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.



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