Threads from the Web | 9 November 2012

Happy Friday to one and all!

Here’s a roundup of links for this week.


Human Rights Watch reports that fear of deportation prevents many migrant women from seeking help from domestic violence.

ReeRee celebrates the appearance of normal-looking people in glossy lingerie adverts. Heck yes!

In related news, boffins from Durham have concluded that;

…the use of models who are more representative of the actual population could ultimately help girls and women to develop a healthier attitude to eating.

Well duh!

The freakonomics blog explores the effect of wage negotiation on the wage gap.

Doesn’t Gemma look lovely in trousers!? I’d hesitate to call it “1930s Lesbian” though…

American Duchess is giving away a beautiful pair of shoes! I’m a sucker for T-Straps and Spectators, so this is almost too good to be true…

Got a Girl Crush Magazine is now only fifteen smakaroos. Awesome!

Launchistory discussed one of the most successful pirates of the 19th century, Cheng I Sao, dubbed “The Pirate Queen of China.” Pretty darn impressive;

Cheng I Sao was never captured by the Chinese navy or by foreign bounty hunters. In a desperate attempt to end the ordeal with the Red Flag Fleet the Chinese government set up a diplomatic act that would offer Cheng I Sao amnesty in exchange for peace in 1810. Cheng I Sao went to the royal court negotiated, and agreed with the terms.

Noam Chomsky’s Impressions of Gaza. Chilling stuff indeed.

Over at the Good Men project the editors have published Trey Malone’s suicide letter in full. While heartwrending to read, there is a lot we can learn here;

I blame a society that remains unwilling to address sexual assault and rape. One that pays some object form of lip service to the idea of sexual crimes while working its hardest to marginalize its victims.

Ten thing you can stop worrying about, courtesy of Royale Scuderi at Lifehack.

San Francisco announces five new library-card images designed by their patrons.

Thinking about selling some of your clothes to make room in your closet? (or closets!!) Catherine has some helpful photography tips for ya.

I’ve been cackling at Shelver Sheep all week long.

Be A Doll lets you create customised creepy dolls based on photographs of you or someone you know.

How to spruce up cheap candles with copper leaf by Emily Henderson. And DIY decoupage badges with Rookie.

An amazing interview with the director of Citadel, Ciaran Foy and his influences over at i09;

Foy was attacked by a pack of 14-year-old kids and beaten with a hammer. Afterwards Foy found it difficult to leave his own home. He couldn’t even get past his own front door. Years later, Foy has turned the crime into a pretty kickass horror movie about packs of crazed feral teens who roam the UK streets looking for more babies to add to their brood.

Three “yoga” videos. Just because:


Have a safe and awesome weekend!

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