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Happy Friday everyone!

Maria Coma

Hilarious post on Rookie: How to be a Lady;

You will most likely have several womanly items to carry around with you. For example: gloves, car keys, a compact mirror, a loaded gun, a spare gun, and more. To carry all these items you will need a sturdy and stylish pocketbook. Although a lady can never have too many pocketbooks, try to coordinate with your outfits. Keep an eye out for large pocketbooks that could discreetly hold small children. Children do the best manicures, so make sure to snatch one up the next time you see one!

Would you live in a prefabricated ikea kit home?

What we think we look like and what we actually look like are often completely different. Tom Hussey shot the following photographs exploring the relationship between residual self-image and aging.

How amazing do the ladies of the Itty Bitty Titty Cabaret look swanning around the Helsinki Botanic Gardens?!

Over at the Atlantic; The Strange (and Formerly Sexist) Economics of Engagement Rings. I’m not sure what O’Brien means by formerly.

Rosalind asks what is real beauty?

We increasingly live in a society driven by the visual. Our days are filled with images, whether on the pages of a magazine or through idle clicks across the internet. A select few of these photos may be considered to be pleasing or beautiful as an art form – perhaps a portrait taken by Irving Penn, or a magnificent flight of fancy assembled by Tim Walker. However, the relentless exposure to snaps of other individuals invites us to become judges of appearance, whether we want to or not.

If your childhood plans had actually come to pass….

the magic faraway tree

I love Victory Rolls! Rebecca Jean of Midnight Maniac show you how.

Glamourologist writes about the History of the Tan.

Would you drink no-frills beer?

Wayward Daughter shares how she get her cute dark green manicure, complete with curly brackets.

Such a lovely way to keep track of your goals.

What’s this? Oh it’s just Kate looking adorable in her favourite outfit ever. Meanwhile, how to rock funeral-chic and striped trousers.

The babes at Rookie put together this sweet high-school-dance-themed photo shoot. Nostalgia ahoy!

A lovely look at Amy Revier and her loom over at This is Naive.

I think this is the best “how we met” story I have ever read.

Oh yum! How to make the perfect Bloody Mary!


Holy sweet-tooth batman! Sprinkles bakery plans to launch a cupcake vending machine!!!

These bookshelves are amazing!

The super-duper Jetta Vegas explains Why I’m not a militant vegan;

These days, I keep to myself. Sort of. I make vegan related zines and buttons in my online shops, I tag delicious meals I create #vegan and, above all, I lead by example. To me, this method is more effective. I don’t come off as pushy or militant. I simply show people how easy it can be to live vegan (in Seattle, WA, USA anyway). People respect that, and I feel like I’m able to reach out to more people because I’m not scaring folks away with frightening images and stomach-churning videos.

Over a Polk Dot Clothing, guest-blogger Lilou writes about redefining your goals for college.

Fajr on Getting Over Embarrassment. Some sound advice there!

Lady Doctors! Yes! I really wanted the next doctor to be a woman. Like really wanted it badly. This is so much more awesome than I could have imagined.

So some of the femme Doctor cosplayers I interviewed were clear about their motivations, but even the ones who were less conscious were clearly making up for what they saw as a lack of female protagonists. While there are plenty of awesome companions, there are no female heroes in Doctor Who. The companions are, definitionally, sidekicks. And femme Doctor cosplayers are very aware of this. They want to be heroes, not followers and sidekicks, however badass. And Doctor Who does not offer them a hero that matches their experience, who looks anything like them. So they invent her.

Three videos for ya:

Chocolate Bunny from Blink on Vimeo.


Easter Eggs from 50YearPlan on Vimeo.

And, an old video of me painting Easter eggs. Hope you all enjoy your long weekend! <3


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