Threads from the Web | 6 January 2011

The first ball of threads from the web for 2012!! Delayed because of bandwidth issues…

Coffee Tasting Notes

The Folks over at Hendrick’s Gin decided to feature my Hendrick’s Gin Martini Amuse-Bouche on their website! How grand!

Emma makes cute little terrariums in only four steps!

Get this, Super Kawai Mama quotes herself on her blog.

From Geri, 25 of the most beautiful college libraries in the world.

Finally, a recipe for vegan Baileys Irish Cream!

a unicorn eating a bowl of glitter

And more fabulous photos over at Dark Roasted Blend, this time photographs of the universe.

I’ve been reading about Knitxcore’s foray into detox-land. It’s interesting stuff. Am I game to try the 28 day challenge myself? Nope. I love cheese too much!

Camilla on street harasment;

I’m hopeful about a day when a girl can walk down the street without bare arms, ankles, shoulders, seen as an open invitation, or as Meg so politely puts it, “sweet hetero pussy”.  I don’t feel like it’s my job to ensure I don’t get harassed. It shouldn’t be. But for some reason, it is.

Ageliska shares goats as fashion inspiration, and it’s awesome.

Taking self portraits can be daunting. Elyica has some tips to help make taking photos of your self stress-free and cute.

Jenny discovers the wonders of Maidenform.

DIY paper lanters made to look like houses by night. Ahhhh this is too adorable!

Smiling from the inside out – DIY

I have two words for you. Drunk checkers.

Sage advice for young travellers from Hexotica.

Over at Advanced Style, punk rock forever.

These “transformations” over at Regretsy made me cry. Why would anyone do that to antique furniture?

The Honest Girl Scouts campaign. Like Chira says, actually, this makes them sound pretty awesome. After a girl named Taylor uploaded a video calling for a boycott of girl scout cookies because of the inclusion of transgender members, chaos ensued. I think Richard Metzger says it best;

Do you really want to be the Rebecca Black of intolerance? For the rest of your life?

How cute is Catherine hanging out in Trafalgar Square?! And over at This Old Life Nabby looks very dashing in her aviatrix costume.

I love this list from girrrlvirus. I love everything about girrrlvirus.

 Happy Friday!


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    Thanks for the link….ps.  the whisky won.  Not that that’s a surprise on a Scottish themed blog!  Theresa

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