Weekly Wrap Up | 4 December 2011

Its the end of another week. A whole seven days of mixin’ it up and havin’ a blast.

I went to my first Christmas party of the year and walked away with some goodie bags.

Tasted some amazing honey mead from  Seven Sheds, Tasmania. Don’t you love the handwritten tasting notes on the label?

I received a package from Alima Pure this week. I’m excited about trying out the colours and they always throw in some extra samples for good luck. How lovely!

K and I spent one evening in the spare room together. He tinkered with his electronics and I finished some alterations on a dress. I’m really grateful that we don’t have a television sometimes! It was nice to listen to music and be productive for a while.

I won so much money at the races on Saturday I couldn’t close my wallet. (it was all five dollar notes and one dollar coins… not the millions you are imagining) I bought a bottle of Prosecco with the proceeds and made Bellinis! Absolutely delish.

Speaking of delish, I made pancakes this morning. With bananas. That’s right! Bananas are affordable again! Six months ago a kilo would cost $13 at my local supermarket. Now they’re about $4 a kilo. A cause for celebration if ever I saw one!

Made up a batch of Rosemary Salt this morning.  It smells divine. Later this week I’ll post some more photos and instructions. It’s so easy to throw together and makes a great gift.

Seasonings that made this week tasty: evening walks in the soft rain, evening walks in the wind, sewing buttons, catching sight of well dressed ladies, new library books, ice packs, ordering new shoes online, The Princess Bride, afternoons off, silly text messages from friends, eating cold curry the next day, planning holidays and long warm baths.

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