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Weekly Wrap Up | 6 November 2011

 This week I indulged in one of my favourite cocktails. You can find the recipe here.

Inspired by Violet I decided to make Royal Fig Jam Drops with Cointreau drizzle. Spectacular.

A friend said I could borrow her gorgeous Elna sewing machine, and even tied it up with a pretty red bow! Here are some of the sewing projects I have been working on.

This week I read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. To say I was disappointed in the complete lack of vampire sex is an understatement. I have moved on to The Radioactive Boy Scout by Ken Silverstein.

We have a whiteboard in the kitchen and I love to write silly things on it. My brothers can attest that this has been a lifelong hobby of mine. Mr K said that attributing the quote to Gandalf was completely unbelievable, but I like to think he said this to Saruman right before breaking his staff in The Two Towers. Or you know, its equivalent.

So, I read Kailey’s post about The Aristocats. I confess, I’ve never seen it and made a mental note to grab a copy next time I went out. The very next day at work, a co-worker hands me a DVD of The Aristocats and says casually “I thought you might like this….”


Extra things that made my heart flutter: winning small change on Melbourne Cup day, Mr K cooking dinner (horay risotto!), issue six of coilhouse being finally released, lazy afternoon tea, people watching, bandannas, realising that I have a total of four legitamate library cards, Summer is finally here, Upstairs Downstairs, deciding on Christmas presents and projects, fake bacon, and little doses of sunshine.

Do share, what rocked your world this week?

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  • http://mermaidens.blogspot.com Kailey

    That is so weird about The Aristocats! I call magic. Have you gotten the chance to watch it yet?

  • http://bellablithely.com Bella Blithely

    You bet I have!

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