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Pet Food!

I have a younger sister and two infant nieces, and I often think about the kind of world they are growing up in. Cammila writes elegantly about the adolescent trend in high fashion and its effect on us;

The development of little girls and young women into adulthood is supposed to include a proportionate amount of what I think you might call “being a kid.” In addition to it being damaging to a girl’s developing sexuality, identity, and feelings of self worth, it’s also just plain unfair for a kid to be deprived of precious moments in life where the structures and strictures of beauty, body, and style do not yet apply. Every girl deserves the right to arrive at and own her sexuality on her own terms, but I tend to think the same right applies to adulthood in general.

Charlotte wrote a lovely little post on Vintage for Beginners. If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the vintage trend, I suggest giving it a read.

How easy-peasy is this DIY Peter Pan Collar? And I bet the materials would cost about $4.00 tops. Download the free pattern and GO!

25 Halloween costume ideas. I love how Miss at la Playa posted a photo of Steve Zizou instead of Jacques Costeau!

Or why not dress up like Lydia from Beetlejuice?

I could watch Virginie scoop up autumn leaves all day.

Kate Miss writes about Being Wordless. Sometimes its nice to cut out all the words and say it with pictures instead.

How amazing is this farm? Candelabras, comfy chairs, glasshouses. Perfection.

Lady Problems. I can relate.

Protect Yourself


A slideshow of 25 fun and flirty nail trends to try, with links to the originals. I’m not sure I’d call them flirty, but oh my, they are lovely!

Its spring here in the antipodes but that doesn’t mean I can enjoy these beautiful photos from An Indian Summer; Falling for Fall.

I have a secret girl-crush on Hair Romance. I also looooove putting my hair up in twist and pin styles. It’s so quick and easy and people always say nice things about it. Pop on over and have a look!

Pull Your Socks Up go married! And didn’t she look freakin’ awesome too!

And in other wedding news, how about this Harry Potter themed wedding!

Ahhh! Cute alert! Knitted jumpers for penguins!

I actually cried a little reading this. Do you think he’s gay and other inappropriate questions. If you take one thing away from this week’s Threads from the Web, please make it this;

Do you think he’s gay? Is not a cool question for anyone. Not a 5 year old, a 15 year old or a 50 year old, because no matter what, it’s really irrelevant. In a world where we struggle with the sexualization of children. Why would be discussing a child’s sexuality?

Do you think he’s gay? Pollutes a conversation with undertones and stereotypes. Bad stereotypes, old stereotypes.

Do you think he’s gay? Makes me want to ask you if you think your child will be in to nipple rings, ribbed vibrators and fetishes. Do you? Have you thought about your toddler having sex? Or who’ll they’ll have sex with? No? Me neither.

The top 11 most ridiculous job titles in advertising. Social Media Ninja? Interactive Evangelist? Brand Strategy Guru?


Our walls are looking pretty bare these days. In an effort to cover up all that rental-apartment-beige I was thinking about trying to make my own canvas portrait. Here are some instructions on how to make your own! what do you think?

If I could change our walls, I might try this gorgeous gold on black wallpaper.

Why not try skullface or skull nails this weekend? Hmm?

Be still my beating heart! Treasures of Art Nouveau!

Yet another reason to pop another strawberry in your champagne glass.

Oh my gosh! How beautiful does this photo shoot for W.E. look? I can’t wait to see the film!

Anyone else think this is kinda creepy?

Reading is Sexy. Why yes, I would LOVE one of these, thankyouverymuch.

50 kindle covers you can make yourself. I will defiantly be trying some of these. Erm, perhaps not the magazine and rubber band one though…

From Black and WTF is this photo of women being arrested in 1922 for wearing one-piece bathing suits in public. Makes you think about how much things have changed, doesn’t it? I’m incredibly grateful that women like these two were there to push the boundaries. I wonder what happened to them?

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!

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  • bree [capitolromance]

    thanks for sharing our Harry Potter Wedding shoot :)

  • Bella Blithely

    My pleasure :)

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