Threads from the Web | 14 October 2011

Seaside Type Vernacular

Have you seen Occupy Sesame Street? Who knew that the combination of childrens’ show and protest footage could be so adorable.

When not to use Comic Sans. Serious advice.

OUTRAGE! The BBC has decided to use imitation acrylic tweed made in China for Matt Smith’s wardrobe in Dr Who. Not only is it nasty, but its also more expesive that the real deal produced by Harris Tweed in Scotland. From The Chap.

Poppy shares The One and Only Time I’ve Done Drugs.

Why can’t all family photographs be like this?

Geoff Peart gives some simple and easy advice to use when diffusing bullies.

Rocky Relationship

I’ve wanted to embellish some of my drab cardigans. Elsie made this wonderful tutorial on how to add elbow patches to your cardigan. Bonus points for being heart-shaped <3

This sounds like the most amazing. wedding. ever.

If, like me, you don’t get along with milk, this recipe for a Salted Caramel Martini will probably sound like a nightmare. A delicious, delicious nightmare.

If the Criterion Collection hasn’t had a special release of your favourite film, why not fake it? Fake Criterions is such a wonderful idea!

I want to be like Pull Your Socks Up when I grow up.

Vintage ? Nature ? new York / Photography

Why don’t you make a pair of Horny Hair Clips?

Lena from Style High Club share Five Ridiculous 60s Films I Need to Watch. I am now contemplating tracking down a copy of Teenage Gang Debs

If I was a primary school teacher who had to live with noisy neighbours, I would probably do this.

How to make super-cute fabric pumpkins!

Speaking of pumpkins, Syl and Sam are giving away this glossy black wooden pumpkin bowl. Entry open to all, so click on over.

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